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About this site

The site remains under development. 

This site replaces the earlier design that was developed for a different era. Back in 2009 social media, its global use by Rotarians, and many in the pubic domain, was in its infancy. Times have changed and I hope the new site will engage a wider audience, and thus contribute to greater understanding of, response to, and action against slavery and human trafficking by all peoples around the world.

Currently under development by webmaster, Rotarian Stephen Sypula, with great support from Ben Atkinson of Tall Lime, It is being developed in distinct stages.

Stage 1 – Getting the look and feel right, populating pages, and testing its significantly enhanced functionality – Completed Easter 2016

Working with Ben, I am looking to create a robust build that can be sustained with minimal maintenance, is (and remains) attractive, and is easy to navigate both within the site and to / from RAGAS’s other social media outlets.  Following consultation with RAGAS Officers and Members the new site will replace the existing 2009 design.

Stage 2. Setting up dedicated page facilities for each Coordinator – scheduled for early summer 2016

This will retain our global brand and facilitate ‘in-country’ web facilities for country / location reps, without encumbering each with separate website costs and administration. Material can be written in the ‘home’ own language for ease of access and local attraction (although a generic translation facility exists for each page). We aim to issue final guidance to Coordinators and other sub-editors in April 2016.

Stage 3. Creating a Members private communications network – scheduled for summer 2016

If audience testing suggest there is a need for a separate Members Only site, this may replace our NING site, save costs, and make it easier for me and future webmasters to administer our web presence.

As with the NING site it will only be accessible by paid up Members, so maintaining confidentiality, as best technology will allow. It will, if used by Members, facilitate ideas forums, promote actions … which unless published for greater benefit, will remain within the Membership circle … and more. This is a great opportunity for the individual Member to tell us what s/he feels we should be doing to advance the cause.

So what’s new on this new site?

  • All pages, videos etc. are responsive – i.e. will scale for ease of viewing on tablets, phones etc. using Android or IOS.
  • Reader-friendly accessibility with a choice of font sizes for the visually impaired – see the ‘T’s’ – top left of the logo header.
  • Each page has Google translate ability (top right of all pages). So whether you have an Afrikaan, Indian, Chinese, English etc tongue you can view the site with improved ease.
  • The Home page has a carousel of pictures (3 at this time), which will be changed periodically to refresh the look of the site. Ben can we link each picture in the carousel slider to a ‘Page’ explaining what each represents?
  • We have added both a Facebook and Twitter link and feed. Viewers will now be able to access the latest posts from this site.
  • We have added an initial ‘blogging’ facility to stimulate discussion. Ben will work on the blog facility to enhance its capabilities in the coming weeks. In the hope that the facility will not be abused at this stage, comments on blogs will appear when posted. If inappropriate comments are received I will need to moderate postings prior to publication. 
  • We can and will add short YouTube videos that better help convey the atrocities and messages of hope. If you have suggestions for inclusion please contact me initially.  In time, I hope to have an editorial team to assist.
  • We have a headline news section. This will pick up major news items from around the world, RAGAS announcements and your stories. This will be supported by our blog facilities.
  • A search facility is included in the ‘Find out more’ section – bottom left of the Home page. This will be of increasing use pages are added.
  • And, of course we will be better able to display and provide access to a widening range of resource and other materials to help Members and our supporters get the key messages across to a doubting audience.

To help make the site attractive and relevant I need quality pictures of your events, projects, and on-the-ground situations. Please email them to me as attachments, or use a large file transfer system, such as Dropbox. Thanks.

Hope you enjoy the site, Stephen