Creating awareness is just the start of the process. To finish the job we need to take action.

Action takes many forms. Action can be from developing and funding projects, or actual physical engagement working with survivors, or doing things on the ground. Action also means that periodically we here at RAGAS are compelled to highlight injustices, or weaknesses, in the statutory framework of nation states. Where appropriate RAGAS will campaign, directly, or through and with others, to achieve its aims.

Ezbec cotton pickersFrom time to time, we will advise supporters of relevant campaigns, so that they can choose whether to add their support. One on-going example concerns the World Bank’s fiscal support to the Uzbek Government. This issue was highlighted by Walk Free. After discussion with our colleagues at Walk Free, it was decided that RAGAS would lend it support to the campaign. Support included an article on the forced use of labour in the Uzbek cotton industry in RACSNews, as well as disbursing information in a letter, the Action Group’s Chair, Mark Little, sent to the World Bank.