Projects needing your funds

This is where you need to be. Currently we have just 3 projects seeking funding.  A more detailed write-up can be found here, but here’s a resume …

Bakhita House – The first Trafficking Shelter in London and the UK is now open

Bakhita House, a Shelter opened in June 2015 to accommodate young women and girls who have been rescued from sex slavery in the UK.  This is a significant initiative masterminded by Church authorities (all faiths) looking to create a practical model for other countries, as well as elsewhere in the UK. Get more details on the initiative here.  Click here for the Bakhita House Business Brief 2

Schools for Freedom

This project is now fully funded. However if you would like to start or contribute to funding a second Village let us know. For details of the project see the Case Study

Funding for Trafficking Shelters (Asha Nepal and Maiti Nepal) in Kathmandu  to help with the aftermath of April 2015 Earthquakes

A major funding campaign is necessary to help rebuild and re-equip many of those badly affected by the cyclone … followed by the two earthquakes. Inevitably, the earthquakes left many vulnerable children at risk to traffickers. One of our supported Nepal centres Maiti Nepal increased its provision of orphaned children by nearly 50% to some 600 as a result of the ‘quakes.

Funding for Phase 2 of the Kalimpong anti-trafficking project

Following successful completion of its $69,000 Global Grant project to develop a Vocational Training Initiative (VCT), the Rotary Club of Dunbar, D1020, is now seeking funding to build a shelter for trafficked young women and girls. For further information and project updates please contact Robin Hamilton, Rotary Club of Dunbar, D1020, Scotland. Tel: +441368860931 Email: or Dr. Miku Foning, Rotary Club of Kalimpong, D3240, India. You can view their case study here.

Want to donate to future projects

If you wish to donate funds for the Directors to allocate to upcoming projects, or wish to contribute to the above projects, do have a look at our Donations page.