With your assistance we plan to build a library of global materials that will help those around us better appreciate how to challenge and combat modern-day slavery and the trafficking of people for illegal gain.

 Slavery is closer than you think! (7 mins)

VisiGSi2014coverpaget our Facts and Data Sources page to grab authoritative material to share with friends and colleagues. You can also view, download and share some of the growing library of informative videos 

We look to progressively develop this site as a comprehensive global resource. It is a cooperative venture whose success very much depends on your input. If you are government-based or a colleague-NGO and have material we can share; if you are engaged with projects we can promote and celebrate, or if you simply have news and, case studies that the world should be aware of, please mail your Country Coordinator or myself with a short resume and any relevant website (url) addresses. Thank you.