Understanding through practical application

Whilst still in its infancy RAGAS, though its supporting Members and their Rotary Clubs has planned, developed and implemented a range of projects. You can view projects completed, as well as those seeking funding, here

Typical survivor stories: These five case studies map the true stories of young overseas women, tricked by family ‘friends’ into accepting ‘free’ transport to England by a promise of education and jobs. Provided by Unseen, a UK Charity, which aims to work towards a world without slavery by supporting survivors, equipping stakeholders and influencing society. Although the studies are UK-based the stories told could apply to most western countries. Unseen is working with the UK Home Office and Polaris to provide a 247 rescue helpline support service in the UK.

This is your opportunity to exhibit your projects, which will hopefully encourage more donations! Do have a look at the case study for the Schools4Freedom project.