picture of circular linksOur Coordinators are the spine of RAGAS. They recruit Members, support the District Ambassadors, help develop programs and projects that have relevance in their territories and further afield. Each are a conduit to the Board and help shape the direction of its policies.

Our current Coordinator details are as follows. We need more! Should you wish to be considered for Office please contact Mark, RAGAS’s Chair.

Picture Territory Name District Club Email
Canada Robert MacArthur 7070 Ajax
 IMG_0982 Maharashtra India Mark Barnes 3140 Mumbai Borivali East
  NE India Dr Kameswar (KS) Elangbam 5240
  Italy PDG Maria Rita Acciardi 2010 Corigliano-Rossano “Sybaris”
South Africa Prof. Phillip Frankel 9400 Rosebank
 John R New South Wales, Australia John Robertson 2650 Wagga Wagga
 Tony S Victoria, Australia Tony Stokes 9810 Box Hill Central
 Gillian B Western Australia Dr Gillian Booth 9455 Bay View, Claremont
 Ernesto P The Philippines Ernesto Perez 3820 Makati Central
 Dave Mc  USA  Dave McCleary

(Vice-Chair & National Coordinator)

 6900 Roswell
 Chuck F  Arizona, USA Chuck Fitzgerald  5495 Peoria
  California USA Jack Higgins 5170 Los Altos jack@ragas.0nline
Florida USA Jill Bolander Cohen 5890 Seminole County South Fl

United States
  Iowa USA George Belitsos 6000 Ames
 David Black Oceania David Black 9980 Dunedin Central
  S. Australia Russell Green 9500 Walkerville
  N. Dakota USA Stacy Shaffer 5580 Farwest
Los Angeles USA Cozette Vergari 5280 Westchester
Tennessee USA Steve Grissim 6760 Brentwood