District Ambassadors

picture of a nerve cellDistrict Ambassadors are the nerve cells that activate action. Each coordinate activities, and look to inspire and advise Clubs in their areas. They will also link and liaise with recognized Agencies in their location.  Each is supported by, and works closely with, a RAGAS State or National Coordinator. 



 Territory   Name  District Club Email


 Robyn Stokes 9810
 Box Hill Central
   D 1070 (UK)  Geoff Knipe  1070 Peterborough Ortons gsk146@gmail.com
   California USA  Laura Dryjanska  5320  Whittier laura@ragas.online 

It is hoped that over the next 5 years RAGAS will have have a District Ambassador in place for at least 50 (10%) of all RI Districts. Why not become one of the first. Contact Secretary harry@ragas.online