‘‘You may choose to look the other way but you can never say again that you did not know.’’ William Wilberforce 1787

If you are still asking why, these two feature-length films will leave you with no doubt. We must all do something, however small, to end these crimes against humanity.

Please take the time to view these two videos. Before you do, we should warn you that they’re a tough watch. Each is a full length documentary, that will change your perceptions of the world. These are true stories of man’s inhumanity to mankind.

The Day My God died picLet’s introduce you to the first powerful story (Click the picture to view the 3 minute trailer)

If you know nothing about slavery and those who traffick the innocents into a life beyond belief, you need to watch this video documentary. It tracks five young Nepalese girls who were tricked, drugged, abducted, trafficked and sold into the burgeoning Mumbai sex trade after being beaten into submission and raped multiple times. After 53 minutes, you will never again say you know nothing.

Directed and Produced by Andrew Levine, the trafficking advisors were Matt Friedman, Congressman Jim McDermott, and Laura Lederer. Its funders included many small foundations, individuals, and the Bill & Linda Gates Foundation.

If you want to understand sexual slavery, the traffickers’ tricks of the trade, which apply equally to all forms of slavery, then you need to watch this … if you can! Be warned. You will feel the pain of having fourteen abortions, the humiliation and shame of being a victim, and the relief of being rescued from a world that has no feeling for human life. You will admire those same five young girls, now women supported by Maiti Nepal (Mothers Home) and others. They have been rescued, rehabilitated, and re-integrated, and now use their experiences to provide positive messages to their home communities.

One commentator said …“I just cannot stop crying. As a survivor of sex trafficking, I pray for all of them in this documentary and the amazing people that are helping them”.

Still with us? This video, Slavery: A global investigation will convince you that you have to engage in the battle against slavery.

“The global economy has created immense wealth in the West, but it has also spawned a sinister market in slaves – in Africa, Asia and South America, and on the doorsteps in the capitals of Britain and the U.S.”

True Vision of London produced this 80-minute documentary, inspired by Free the Slaves’ President Kevin Bales’ award-winning book, Disposable People, which exposes cases of slavery around the world. Filmmakers Brian Edwards and Kate Blewett actually buy slaves in Africa and help free child slaves in India. The film exposes slavery in the rug-making sector of Northwest India, the cocoa plantations in the Ivory Coast, and even the home of a World Bank official in Washington, D.C. Small, personal stories of slavery are woven together to tell the larger story of slavery in the global economy

Slavery: A Global Investigation from Free the Slaves on Vimeo.