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Launched informally at the Rotary International Convention 2009, in Birmingham, England, twenty-four people expressed early interest in creating a child slavery action body within Rotary International. By the 2013 Lisbon Convention some 900 Rotarians and friends in 47 countries sign up to receive RACSNews and began to get engaged. This has grown to over 2,400 Rotarians spanning 65 countries. RIC16 (Seoul) saw a major uplift. RIC17 (Atlanta) saw a pivotal change in awareness that will help Rotary gain the critical mass needed to End Slavery Now (ESN). Already PRIP Bhichai Rattakul, two former Rotary International (RI) Presidents and past RI Directors are with us.  Today, with global pressure building you will be proud to be part of this success story. Start now by getting your free copy of RACSNews.

How can I become a Member of RAGAS?

Simple. You are just two steps away.  First, complete this APPLICATION FORM. Once submitted your application will be automatically sent for review.

If accepted, you’ll be asked to pay your subscription. You can choose to subscribe annually, or each five years as a ‘Charter Member’. An annual subscription, with card costs is $25US. That’s the price slave masters pay to buy an enslaved soul at ‘Les Marche des Jeunes Gens’ on the Ivory Coast. A five year subscription costs $75US – that’s just 20 cents a day. The Rotaractor / Alumni subscription is $10 per year.

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Why wouldn’t you want to End Slavery Now?

Membership of RAGAS is open to active Rotarians, their family members, Rotaractors and Rotary Alumni.

After four years of lobbying, on 24th January 2013, the RI Board ‘acknowledged’ RAGAS as a Rotarian Action Group. By doing so it recognized that Rotarians can, and should, play an active part in ending the misery, pain, shame and suffering of millions caused by illegal trafficking and human enslavement.

As a Member you will join like-minded men and women around the globe dedicated to bring about that change that will benefit all humanity, as well as enhance the economies of nations … so come on Get Engaged.

As a Member you will inform its humanitarian policies! You have full voting rights and play a role in shaping our Rotarian impact. Your Membership subscription helps fund promotions, initiatives and resource materials, provides access to project management and support across the globe, gives you access to our confidential (Members Only) network and entitles you to stand for election to the Action’s Group’s Board … and of course funds our minimal expenses.

We fought polio together … Let’s ‘End Slavery Now’

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