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61  January Slavery & Human Trafficking Month in USA, Matt Friedman’s new book and US Tour; Max Clifford (RC Ashford, UK) reports on trafficked children in Mongolia, Laura, our RACS Italy Coordinator updates us on action in Italy. She asks you to sign this petition to RIP Ravi; The Schools4Freedom $36,000 project is now fully funded;
62 February Slavery and human trafficking issues in the Congo, Thailand, the UK and the USA. RAGAS at RI Convention news. Review of the latest book by Kevin Bales  “Blood & Earth”. London Gala Dinner for Maiti Nepal
63 March A milestone 18 page edition, which coincides with the launch of the new website. Many insightful articles provide news of progress. They include news of the International Justice Mission’s (IJM’s) success in rescuing 564 children, women and men from forced labour in a substantial brick factory in India; Associated Press (AP) investigation which led to freedom for 2,000 enslaved fishermen in Asia; RAGAS’s events diary for the Seoul RI Convention;  Update on the Schools4Freedom project (see also Case Studies); David Black, Oceania Coordinator, asks RAGAS Members to support Project Starfish; Laura Dryjanska, Coordinator for Italy, reports on the successful 3rd Shadow Children Forum held in Rome on March 19th (see also Seminars); RAGAS Secretary Harry Payne, reports on why US Lawsuits are challenge Hershey, Mars and Nestle supply chain -watch the video Slavery – A global Investigation produced by WalkFree
64 May RI President ‘Ravi’ signs MOU with Nobel Laureate; RAGAS creates Rotary Foundation Donor Advised Fund (DAF) to help fund anti-slavery projects; View Racsrag Member, Carol Hart Metzker’s TEDx video; RAGAS’s presence at the Rotary Convention 2016 in Seoul; How the International Justice Mission (IJM) with whom we are in partnership discussions rescued and helped rehabilitate 560 brick kiln slaves and help bring 6 members of an organized trafficking network, including the owner, into police custody; The Generational Freedom Campaign in the USA lobbies US Presidential nominees to commit to heightened anti-slavery funding; Mauritania signs Forced Labour Convention; How we can put pressure on slaver’s profits as consumers.
65 June Exciting news from the RI Convention in Seoul: Commentary by Carol Metzker, with Editorial Comment by Mark Little. Gary Huagen CEO and founder of International Justice Mission, delivered a powerful milestone plenary speech entitled “Until All Are Free: How to End Slavery in Our Lifetime”. This culminated in a standing ovation and the realization for many Rotarians that although slavery was abolished legally, it still exists in every nation.  The text of his speech is in the Annex, or read it here.

Whilst at Convention the 2016 Global Slavery Index was published. This indicates that 45.8 million slaves are in some form of modern slavery in 167 countries. You can view a summary of the findings here.  Elements of, or the complete report can be downloaded here.

66 July Introduces new Coordinators for Pakistan and India, Rtn Munir Ahmed Tanoli and Mark Barnes. Director Dave McCleary (USA) takes over from Mark Doyle as 1st Vice-Chair. RAGAS seeks RI approval for name change. Carol Metzker (USA) provides a further update on the Schools4Freedom project in India. Malcolm Baird (Australia) writes on ‘Tackling Modern Day Slavery in Supply Chains). Having now completed 43 of 100 speaking engagements across the USA, our good friend and CEO of The Mekong Club, provides insight into his finding so far.
67 August A special edition providing a briefing paper, entitled Just One+, showing how we can address slavery by supporting Rotary International’s Areas of Focus
68 August Features UK new Prime Minister Theresa May’s (promoter of the UK’s Modern Slavery Act as Home Secretary) commitment to end ‘this barbaric evil’ and her pledge to end  “the great human rights issue of our time“. Exploited children in French refugee camp, PepsiCo supplier Indofood accused of child labour violations, Speaker availability – “Slavery: Vast, Brutal… and according to our partners International Justice Mission (IJM), Stoppable”, Carole Metzker introduces the human trafficking Red Sands Project, Letters on Slavery and supply chains.
69  September Plea to UK Rotarians to show ‘SOLD the movie’,  promoted by Childreach International which wil be on a regional tour in January and February 2017.  UK Supply Chain Regulations to be tightened? Matt Friedman’s 70 Day speaking Tour of the USA – See also Matt’s short Video Report and full Report of Findings.  Progress Report on School4Freedom Project by Carol Metzker. Opportunity to support the Kumudini project – to refurbish a new Emergency Shelter for Exploited Girls in Kathmandu,  Nepal.  HOW YOU CAN HELP IN THE FIGHT AGAINST SLAVERY PROMPTS.
70 November Exploitation of Syrian children by Turkey. Childrens Protection Unit set up in Kenya to make a start in tackling massive child sex tourism (see WalkFree’s briefing and video. UK’s Anti-Slavery Commissioner publishes first Annual Report and finds big gaps in awareness and provision. Report on Official opening of the Kalimpong phase 1 Project in NE India  by Robin Hamilton, RC of Dunbar, District 1020, Scotland. Ph II funding is now being sought. Spotting and understanding the mindset of a trafficked victim.
71 December Features Rotarians and Rotaractors combating slavery in the USA, Ethopia, Thailand and Italy.  RAGAS is supporting Walk Free’s call on the Commonwealth Leaders to include “slavery” as a priority agenda item when they next meet in 2018. Please support the call by supporting WalkFree’s petition.

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