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89FebruaryHelp survivors of Trafficking in the Philippines 
study scholarships to allow full integration back into
mainstream society; Tea brands to become more
in their operations: RAGAS’s partner
Freedom United has linked up with Traidcraft Exchange
in a new campaign to urge major and to respect the
rights of their plantation workers; Outreach to
vulnerable and exploited children in Uganda (by Tim
Nelson, Hope for Justice); Kidnapped in the Congo,
trafficked for adoption in Belgium. Belgium prosecutors
act; WatchSwitch, a powerful 90 second film
promoted by our friends at YouCanFreeUs; Sign up for
the RIBI Conference & Showcase 2019 – Slavery
Symposium, Royal Albert Hall, Nottingham UK,
11th May 2019
This month’s Newsletter provides details of three
absolutely amazing anti-slavery projects which have
been/are being undertaken by Action Group

members and supporters.  RAGAS Board member
Professor Marleina Broadhurst , describes her
harrowing experiences of dealing with several cases of
human and organ trafficking in Egypt. RAGAS stalwart
and activist Carol Metzker tells us about RAGAS’s
immense involvement in helping anti-slavery activists,
over a three year period, to free a whole village in
India from bonded slavery. Dana Clark, who is the
Human Trafficking Resource Chair in Rotary District
5100, explains how several Rotary Clubs in Oregon,
have been helping to thwart the activities of human
traffickers  in the State, continuously, since 2012.

Also in this edition: A reminder to join us at the RIBI
Conference & Showcase 2019 – Slavery Symposium,
Royal Albert Hall, Nottingham – 11th May 2019. Details
about the RAGAS Booth (No 4241) at RIC 2019. Call for
better support for victims in the USA and UK. Marriott
Hotels train 500,000 staff to be aware of and spot
possible victims of trafficking.

Local Newsletter are also published by some of our Members. View them by clicking on a link below …
District 9810 (Victoria, Australia) produces an End Slavery newsletter for Club Members. Editor Tony Stokes.