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16  January RAG update, India Site visits and presentations, Trafficking in Bihar, and an excellent link to Prof. Kevin Bales inspiring speech on child slavery
17 January Reflections on the year. Sex slaves in Thailand,  Punarnawa Ashram equipment needs, Things you should know in days whether we have RAG status. Membership keeps growing – we now have 340 members in 33 countries
 18 February What future for RACS – let us know
19 March Reactions to RI Board’s decision.  Project opportunities
20 April Members challenge RI Board to re-consider its position
21 June Membership continues to grow. Trafficking & slavery, Letter from Canada
22 August Extending the hand of friendship, US Members challenge Hershey’s chocolate products, project news and support, Child slavery motions being submitted to RI Council on Legislation
23 August Update to News 22 regarding RIs  position on child slavery
24  September “I believe we are here because we care, and because we see both what’s wrong in the world, and what’s right” Past RI President Kalyan Banerjee; Slavery is not on RI’s radar because…: Projects completed in the last 18 months; Human trafficking in Jhakhand, India
25  October   Is Child Slavery a political issue? Rotarians should skirt around.  COL 2013
26 November A milestone edition: It contains member letters from around the world, & reminds us of RI’s policies affecting child slavery. It encourages positive leadership by the Board to help turn the tide and make a life changing difference for each existing child slave, and take steps to tackle its genesis & thereby progressively assist its eventual demise.