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1  July 2009 Mark Little’s appeals to Rotarians around the world … “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere” – Dr Martin Luther King.
 2 July  “If we cannot stop slavery how can we really say we are free” (Kevin Bales). Mark Little is bowled over by Rotarian response to Edition 1.
  3 August  “The mass movement against slavery will only work if every single supporter performs simple acts of
preventative abolition” (“A Crime so Monstrous” – E. Benjamin Skinner). RACS attracts 252 supporters from 27 Countries;
4 September  Lobby for change in legislation around the world
5 November  Project launch and RI Convention Booth application; Rotarians support Anti-Slavery International and lobby for criminalisation ‘forced labour and servitude’;
6 November On to Montreal & RAG update;
7 December  Slavery, Rotary and the UN
 8 January 2010  Slavery in the Sudan; Slavery following the Haiti natural disasters
9  February  Vulnerable children of Haiti; 7th World Congress on Child Labour
10 February  Anti-Slavery day in the UK
11 March Application for RAG status extract, Update on RAGAS stand at RI Convention,  landmark child slavery case in Ghana written by RACS Member Harry Payne
 12  April A roundup on progress on the slavery front; The Walugu project in Ghana
 13  July News from the RI Convention in Montreal, MG Project for Bal Vikas Ashram – a Child Slave Rehabilitation Centre near Allahabad, Update on progress to create a formal Rotary Action Group (RAG) against Child Slavery
 14  September  Trafficking in the USA,  Bal Vikas Matching grant gets approval, UK’s Channel 4 runs a series of programmes on slavery in the UK.  Traffickig in the USA – Carol Metzker
15 October Getting Child Slavery on the UN Agenda,  UK Anti –Slavery Day 18th October, Rehabilitating traumatized minds, Child Sex Slaves in Northern Thailand, Punarnawa Ashram Shelter for Girls – Information and request for support, The great work of Kolkata Sanved  – article by Rtn Rachael Blair, Rotary Club of Annapolis, USA