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27  January More project opportunities and case studies
28  April News of Google’s £11.5m donation to combat slavery, RACS at RIC 2012 (Bangkok), Rotarians working with Free the Slaves in India, California brings in new Act to combat human trafficking and slavery
 29 April Action or Advocacy; Anti-Slavery projects completed; Mark’s dream
30 June  RI Convention report; UN asks for our help; RACS global representation; Support a project in Ghana
31 August  Features RACS Member Carol Metzker’s acclaimed book “Facing the monster’.
32 September A new format milestone issue featuring encouraging news of a seed change attitude by the Indian Government, a clarion call by Prof Kevin Bales (Free the Slaves. Carol Metzker tells us about positive action being taken by Rotarians in the US and Mark reminds us, once again of our responsibilities as Rotarians.
33 September Obama’s attacks human trafficking in the US; Imaging a world where slavery is the norm – Prof Kevin Bales; and, Rotarians changing the world IPRIP Kalyan Banerjee
34 October President Obama’s offensive against human trafficking. Kevin Bales, Free the Slaves, on “Ending Slavery”
 35 November RI Board remains silent on Child Slavery, Watch Matt Friedman’s presentation to RACS during the RI Convention 2012. More projects looking for support. RACS re-applies for Action Group status.