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35  January RACS News 35. Posted on ‘RAG day’. The day we heard that the RI Board has recognised RAGAS, and thereby acknowledged that Rotarians wish to address the issue of child slavery. We salute and thank the Board. Do read News 35 for updates, a reminder that collectively we can and will succeed, and ask your District and Club to support the simple low cost projects advocated, including the featured Shakti Samuha project in Nepal recognised by US Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton.
36  January RACS celebrates RI Board’s decision to acknowledge RACS and child slavery
37  February Board Members, Coordinators, Subs, Action in the USA
38 March US & Australia get tough on trafficking. Scale of slavery in the UK grossly understated. Transforming girls lives in Nepal. Opening up new frontiers to address human trafficking, Prof. Kevin Bales
39 April RACS recruits Rtn Mark Doyle to coordinate most RACS activity in Africa, Projects page updated with 3 new opportunities,
40 June Convention edition, includes articles on Uzbekistan, UK, India, Anti-Slavery International, fundraising in Pennsylvania, Destiny Rescue, Money matters
41  August RACS  project contributors raise over $100k. New project suggestions. RACS Officer update. Volunteer opportunities in Nepal. Focus on the Polaris helpline plus Supplement – Report on RI Convention 2013
42 August UK introduces ‘Modern day slavery Bill’, Help Polaris, new $18k project in Bihar, India
43  October Pope Francis’ Conference on Human Trafficking; Welcome to new RACS Coordinator for the Americas, Dave McCleary, Combating carpet slavery, A typical child slavery rescue operation
44 November RACRAG invited to attend Pope Francis’ Conference on Human Trafficking with Report back from Laura Dryjanska, Kevin Bales calls on Rotarians to back compulsory birth registration to combat slavery, CEO Of the Polaris Project Bradley Miles commends compelling new film “12 years a slave” due for general release in January 2014
45  November 3 women held as slaves for 30 years in UK; Build a wall, elevate a girl & lift a community – Punarnawa Ashram appeal by Carol Metzker; Tell tale signs of trafficked victims; National Hotlines to call; plus, Statement of the Workshop on Trafficking in Human Beings on Modern Slavery from THE PONTIFICAL ACADEMIES OF SCIENCES AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, co-signed by RAGAS’s Italian Coordinator Laura Dryjanska and RAG member, Roberto Giua


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District 9810 (Victoria, Australia) produces an End Slavery newsletter for Club Members. Editor Tony Stokes.