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Slavery is illegal everywhere, yet ...

46 million are enslaved … some less than 4 years old. Get engaged NOW

There are an estimated 46 million, according to Walk Free’s Global Slavery Index. That’s four times more than those taken out of Africa during the 400 years of the Atlantic Slave Trade. Modern slaves, however, are disposable, cheap, and being hidden from plain sight have no human rights. Very young children are now in greater danger than ever before as sex traffickers exploit opportunities arising from natural disasters, deprivation, civil conflict, and mass migration. So let’s Get Engaged.

RAGAS, formerly RACSRAG, working with others globally will change that by

  • Creating awareness: Telling Rotarians and the wider public that millions are held captive for illegal gain – MANY NEAR WHERE YOU LIVE!
  • Taking action: Supporting, working with and promoting global anti-slavery bodies and activities through Rotary Clubs, campaigns and projects that help protect children and adults from slavery and its consequences.

YOU can help make that change

RAGAS already has Rotarian members in over 65 countries
Join us NOW  and help create a slave free world

Matt Friedman, a former UN expert on human trafficking and slavery, now CEO of the Mekong Business Club which has pledged to combat human trafficking and slavery in Asia, invites Rotarians to join RAGAS & outlines simple steps to help end slavery

Latest Action Group News


Awareness of Slavery and human trafficking grew exponentially, as the subject held center stage throughout Convention (10-14 June).
It featured in all plenaries, two post plenary Panel sessions and two Breakouts. These were supported by  ‘The Power of One’  candlelight vigil attended by over 7,000 delegates.

Thanks to all our speakers and contributors for igniting global interest, as well as Dave McCleary, the Organising Committee & of course RIP John Germ, for placing the issue high on Rotary’s Agenda. Missed Ashton Kutcher’s emotive delivery? View the video

Throughout, delegates came to appreciate that apart from directly supporting the Action Group & its partners, Members and their
Clubs can challenge slavery by supporting projects that address any one of Rotary’s SIX AREAS OF FOCUS –
See our One+ Paper
. This was re-enforced by Founder Member, Carol’s Metzker’s article, published in the June edition of The Rotarian Education Breaks the Chains of Slavery”.

Such was the interest we ran out of materials! Don’t worry. Simply click on this resource page and our Membership application form.

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