District Pledge

District Pledge to Fight Modern Slavery/Human Trafficking


WE, acknowledge that human trafficking and modern slavery are crimes against human rights and that we, as District leaders and leaders in our Rotary Clubs, play a pivotal role in the fight against human trafficking, and we will prohibit human trafficking in any form in all activities under our control.

WE WILL commit to partner with the Rotary Action Group Against Slavery (RAGAS) to educate, equip and empower Rotarians in our District to fight against modern Slavery/Human Trafficking

WE WILL become educated our Districts, club members, to identify indicators of modern slavery/human trafficking.

WE WILL commit to hosting events, have speakers on modern slavery and human trafficking at District events like PETS, District Conferences, District assemblies

WE WILL strive to support and defend the rights of any victim of human trafficking that occurs within the purview of our community or business operations.

Therefore, District ________ MAKE THIS PLEDGE in the belief that living with freedom and dignity is a right afforded to every individual, and that no person should endure the pain and suffering inflicted at the hands of traffickers and our district will do everything possible to engage its members.