Our Aims

RAGAS looks to provide information about, and promote ways for you to engage and support anti-slavery and human trafficking projects, programmes and campaigns. It does this by …

  • Publicising the work of, and work with other anti-slavery organisations
  • Reminding Rotarians of their ethical responsibilities with regard to the rights of children – see current guidance
  • Encouraging Rotarians and Clubs to take action by:
    a) actively supporting the work of anti-slavery organisations in their work combating slavery and human trafficking
    b) directly supporting various projects e.g. Slavery Rehabilitation Centres through personal visits, participation in grant projects
    c) identifying  and boycotting offending products
    d) supporting campaigns that highlight illegal activity and seek to bring justice for those offended
  • Influencing policy makers when considering the rights of children and adults held against their will.
  • Engaging Rotarians world-wide through Rotary’s social and other networks.