Project summaries

A principle aim of the Action Group is to promote and support Rotary Clubs’ and other organisations’, development of anti-slavery and human trafficking projects.

Cycle repairs

This is an opportunity for Members to both promote, share, or celebrate projects that they have engaged in, and use our networks to seek support for one you wish to develop. Should that be so, please do let us know so that we can assist with promotion / enlist support from others.

From the time the Action Group was born in 2009, over 34 projects have been planned, developed, and delivered by RAGAS Members, Rotarians and their Clubs at an estimated cost of $275,000.

Projects completed between 2009 to 2013  

Some sixteen projects were completed prior to the Action Group being formally acknowledged by Rotary International.

Bal Vikas Ashram childrenThese included our first Rotary Foundation supported project. It funded a 4×4,  eight-seater vehicle for Bal Vikas Ashram, a Child Slave Rehabilitation Centre near Allahabad, India.  Purchased in 2010, it is being used, amongst other things, to provide transportation for children during rescue operations. The project, hosted by RC Pratapgarh, engaged eight Clubs in five countries.  Project summaries for the period can be viewed here.

Completed projects 2013 to date

Since the formation of the Rotarian Action Group in 2013, eighteen projects have been completed.  They include:

  • support for, equipping and repairing trafficking shelters in the USA, Nepal and India,
  • developing new soak pits for toilets,
  • the provision of security walls and grills in two dormitories at a girls trafficking shelter
  • funding support for the development of a smart phone APP to help identify slavery victims in East Asia. 

Thanks to donations from thirteen Rotary Clubs, four Districts and four generous individuals, and The Rotary Foundation, a vocational training centre (VTC) was developed in Kalimpong, Northeast India, at a cost of some $69,000. The project was led by the Rotary Club of Dunbar D1020 working with RC Kalimpong. This is stage one of two: The second phase will see a new shelter built above the VTC to accommodate a home for young women and girls for which funds are now being sought. Download RC Dunbar’s project leaflet here or view their case study.

You can find more information on each of these projects here.

Projects now looking for funding and supportNepal earthquake - transit home

Details can be found here