Factsheets and data sources

https://goo.gl/iYGZFAWe are looking to build this library and support abolitionists in their quest to get key messages across to the public. Please feel free to contact our webmaster@ragas.online to provide additional material.

Statistical analysis

  • Walk Free’s Global Slavery Index 2016
  • US Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) 2015 “This year’s Report places a special emphasis on human trafficking in the global marketplace. It highlights the hidden risks that workers may encounter when seeking employment and the steps that governments and businesses can take to prevent trafficking, including a demand for transparency in global supply chains.” It contains a number of Fact sheets which are reproduced [right] for convenience.You can look up Country statistics and commentary by clicking on one of the sub-sets below ..
    – Country Narratives: A-C
    – Country Narratives: D-I
    – Country Narratives: J-M
    – Country Narratives: N-S
    – Country Narratives: T-Z and Special Case
  • UK National Crime Agency – Human Trafficking Referrals 2015

Member’s contributions


Breaking  the Invisible Chains of Slavery – Article in The Rotarian (March 2016) by RAGAS Founder Member Carol Metzker


Intergenerational Solidarity: Shadow Children – Authored by Dr Laura Dryjanska and Roberto Giua. Published by Amazon $35 free postage




Facing the Monster

Facing the Monster by Carol Metzker. Facing the Monster narrates the stories of rescued child slaves and paints a poignant picture of the plight of hidden victims worldwide. Metzker’s inspiring chronicle reveals the monstrous truths about child slavery, provides an action plan to become an agent of change, and presents solutions to end it. Available in hardback, paperback and on Kindle from Amazon



Combatting HT&CS picCombating Human Trafficking and Child Slavery A concise article published by D1080 News, written by Chairman Mark Little. A good resume on the issue which also offers simple steps you can take to help end this crime against humanity.


RAGAS supplies

Research papers

 “A Look at Counter-Trafficking Efforts in the USA. This important summary of findings by Matt and Sylvia Friedman (Mekong Club) makes important recommendations for not just the Anti-trafficking and Slavery movement in the USA but for all nations. Its drawn from their 70 day speaking and fact-finding tour reaching out to over 800 Business enterprises, 30 NGOs, Rotary and multi-faith bodies and the media. A must read report. View the accompanying short video (Nov 2016)

Training resources

We are often asked the question ‘how can I learn more’. Now WalkFree are promoting a free four week online training course organised by the University of Nottingham, UK, with Prof Kevin Bales. The course starts on 17th October 2016. To enroll please hit this link.

Other materials

UK Poster materials

TIP Report Fact sheets ( click on a subject to download the PDF)

External resources

The Ethical Training Initiative (ETI) is a leading alliance of companies, trade unions and NGOs that promotes respect for workers’ rights around the globe.

Support Charities around the world

You can find a list of most charities operating in this field in your locality by clicking on this CNN link