Donating? You might want to know ...

Tax benefits you can leverage or uplift your donation?

Benefits depend on where you live, and if a Rotary Club or receiving organisation has a relevant registered Charitable body. If that is the case, you, or the receiving charitable body may benefit from government gift-tax or similar benefits.   This situation will vary from country to country.

Where a project is likely to receive leverage support from The Rotary Foundation (TRF), we will encourage you to make your donation to a supporting Rotary Club. We suggest this for two reasons.

  1. The Rotary Club’s Charity / Foundation / Trust may be able to attract tax benefit from your donation, which will increase its value, or alternatively benefit you, or your company, as it may be able to claim a tax benefit by giving.
  2. Your gift, possibly increased for tax support, when applied to the TRF-supported project, may attract a further uplift of 50% by the Rotary Foundation.

Is RAGAS a Registered Charity / Foundation / Trust?

No. However RAGAS has established a Donor Advised Fund (DAF) entitled Ending Slavery Now DAF which can provide similar benefits for US Corporates and citizens. It is managed by the Rotary Foundation Trustees.

Can I, my Rotary Club, or my Company, donate to a project or make a unspecified project donation to RAGAS?

Yes. Please do so. RAGAS can, but seldom will, run a project directly. Instead it either promotes a project need for Rotary Clubs or Districts to manage, or will promote, publicise and encourage global support for a project being mounted by a Rotary Club, a Rotary District, or an another recognized NGO.

It also receives and holds funds to be applied to projects at the Board’s discretion.

Are you a US citizen or US Corporate registered with the the US IRS?

In which case, you will be aware of the benefits of charitable / foundation giving in the US. You may also be aware of the benefits of Donor Advised Funds (DAFs) and may find our own ‘Ending Slavery Now’ DAF relevant.

Can I donate in currencies other than £UK pounds?

Currently you can donate in $US, Australian AUD, or £UK. Use the appropriate Donate button on this page. If you are undertaking a major fund raising event and wish to donate in another currency please contact Stephen who will help facilitate that

If you need further information, want to chat about ‘right for you’ opportunities, want to find a project sponsor or a local Rotary Club, please do contact Treasurer Stephen who will be pleased to help.

To donate in $US please use this button

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It’s so easy to make that donation

If you wish to make a donation in £UK, please use the PayPal Donate button below. Donations in $US or $AUD can be made using the button on the bottom-left of this page, the $USD weblink or the $AUD weblink.

The first step: Determine how you or your organisation wants to give. Do you:

  • wish to support a project on our current list,
  • want to donate through RAGAS and allow the Board to allocate your funds,
  • prefer to contribute directly to a Rotary Club or other recognised organisation supporting a nominated project, or
  • want to donate to our End Slavery Now Donor Advised Fund and provide long term support for projects in general – see below

The next step: Identify the most beneficial manner with which to donate, given your personal / Company tax position etc.

The final step: Choose a payment method. For smaller and personal donations this might be through our International PayPal account. For larger sums and donations from business accounts payment by Bank transfer / Wire to our Donor Advised Fund (DAF) may be appropriate.

The Ending Slavery Now Donor Advised Fund (ESNDAF)

Created in May 2016, through a generous donation of US $10,000 by the Rotary Club of Luton, D1260 in the UK. The Fund is administered by The Rotary Foundation (TRF) Trustees, as part of its $US one billion, globally acknowledged investment portfolio held to support humanitarian projects. Typically TRF  spends US$ 200 million on projects world wise.

ESNDAF looks to build a sustaining fund that pump primes and/or supports projects which are either themselves supported by TRF, and therefore uplifted by 50% of amounts dispensed to qualifying projects, or dispensed to qualifying US Inland Revenue Service (IRS) charities/Foundations, many of which support anti-slavery and human trafficking programmes worldwide.

Gifts made to the DAF are irrevocable. Only RAGAS nominees may request the TRF Trustees to apply all or part of the Fund to qualifying causes. The Board has currently determined that grants may be made to approved projects not exceeding $2,000 or 15% of the unencumbered fund balance. Such sums applied, as mentioned above, if directed to a TRF Global Grant Project will be uplifted by 50%.

Whilst of national interest and benefit to US donors, given its tax status, the DAF can also receive funds from non-US domiciled individuals, Rotary Clubs, and businesses. Where donated sums are of least $1,000 contributions may be made direct to the DAF, based in the USA. Smaller donations may be aggregated to at least $1,000 by RAGAS, or a RAGAS approved Rotarian entity. If you wish RAGAS to hold amounts of less than $1,000 for forwarding to TRF please use the $US donate button opposite.

Funds held by the TRF Trustees are held in a low risk ‘Conservative’ portfolio, offering the opportunity of some modest growth.

Here’s a guide on how to contribute to The Rotary Foundation Ending Slavery Now DAF.  For further details please contact our Treasurer Stephen.