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94 Feb

This February 2020 issue of the RAGAS newsletter has a focus on Rotarians’ action, accolades, and showcases a
new book that suggests ways to make change. Read Taking Action which features Naresh Kumar, a member of the Rotary Club of Guindy (India) and resident of New Zealand’s planned epic 60-day bicycle ride from the East Coast to the West Coast of the United States to raise funds for a project to help survivors of debt bondage slavery in India; a short article on a Conference in Binghamton, NY; and, another entitled Supporting Collaboration to End Human Trafficking.

On 9 November, 2019, audience members from more than 20 countries learned about the ramifications of displacement-including risk of human trafficking/enslavement at Rotary Day at the United Nations

Exhibition: Nuns Healing Hearts. In 2018, the Human Thread Foundation documented the Talitha Kum nuns who dedicate their lives to combat modern slavery and human trafficking. The resulting exhibition, one of the final projects of RAGAS Director Brian Rusch as the foundation’s CEO, became Japan’s National Project.

Tributes are paid to Vice-Chair Judith Diment on being awarded an MBE by HM Queen Elizabeth II, and to Laura Dryjanska, our RAGAS past Italy Coordinator, now roving Ambassador for her academic successes in the USA

Our dynamic member of the Rotary Club of Quito and RAGAS Coordinator for South America (Ecuador) Cinthia Chediak is  Making History in Ecuador 

95 April

This April 2020 edition offers observations and some early solutions with articles about modern slavery in Italy, a newly forming provisional Rotary club focused on ending human trafficking, cryptocurrencies, what people working front lines with victims/survivors are seeing as the crisis unfolds, a Rotary International blog post featuring a RAGAS project, what some Rotarians accomplished in the past months and how some Rotarians’ work is already adapting to meet a new reality. 

Focus: Italy, written by Maria Rita Acciardi, RAGAS Coordinator, Italy before the COVID-19 crisis, Maria Rita tells us about human trafficking/ modern slavery in Italy. The Q&A-style article informs us about types of modern slavery prevalent in Italy, and what Rotarians in Italy are doing locally and globally to help end it.

Keanna Kroeger, RAGAS Newsletter Intern tells us about Cryptocurrencies: A Hotspot for Criminals and explains how  and why cryptocurrencies are being used to facilitate human trafficking.

Thomas A. Gump, Advisor, and Karen Walkowski, Provisional Rotary Club to End Human Trafficking Advisor are building on an Rotary joint initiative in Districts 5950 and 5960 and creating a new Rotary Club with a specific focus on Human Trafficking. 

Rotarians at work features an article entitled RAGAS in Thailand by Jerry Nelson, RAGAS coordinator for Thailand and member of the Chiang Mai International Rotary Club on creating a great opportunity to network and build awareness of human trafficking/modern slavery with Rotarians from Thailand, Laos, Cambodia and Myanmar; Rotary Clubs Join the Fight to End Human Trafficking in Iowa, written by Vice Chair George Belitsos, celebrates the signing of a proclamation declaring January 2020 as Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention and Awareness Month, and highlights Iowa Rotarians’ work to fund anti-trafficking projects and host awareness and training events.

Rotary Internatonal’s blog, Service in Action, featured an update on the village freed by RAGAS’s School4Freedom project led by Carol Metzker entitled Goosebumps in India.

Editor Carol Hart Metzker, Past Founding Board Member RAGAS, One World Rotary eClub tells us about the Masterpieces of Broken Pieces project. Carol also pens a piece on The Effect of COVID-19 on Human Trafficking

96 June 

This bumper June 2020 edition is sadly the last to be Edited and produced by Carol Metzker. Our grateful thanks to Carol for her incisive Editorials and  building on the earlier format to create a visually attractive and compelling Newsletter that offers something for all. Carol, a founding Board Member is stepping back now to focus on service to survivors of human, trafficking and community prevention/education. 

Carol’s opening article A SURVIVOR’S VIEW OF PORNOGRAPHY  by Peggy [last name withheld for anonymity and safety], tells her true story of being sold from age 13-18, and was manipulated for years after. Peggy shares a little with about what she shared with her five sons about human trafficking, her story and staying safe. (P.S. – A hit with readers)

Ryna Sherazi, Anti-Slavery International (England), writes THE RESPONSE TO COVID-19 IS AN OPPORTUNITY TO REDESIGN A WORLD FREE FROM SLAVERY.

We are most grateful and thank Keanna Kroeker, our RAGAS newsletter intern, University of Nebraska-Kearney (Criminal Justice) for  helping and supporting Carol at the news desk whilst studying and now graduated from UNK. This month Keanna writes about the alarming growth in CYBERSEX TRAFFICKING

Yeonette Knapp, tells us about THE MUSEUM OF MODERN-DAY SLAVERY in Houston, Texas.  Matt Christl, Director of
Advancement, Destine Rescue USA tells us about an upcoming Global Grant opportunity being launched by District 5300 to fund an important new healthcare initiative called MEDICAL PROJECT FOR RESCUED KIDS. 

Focus on the Netherlands (Nederlands or Holland as many will now it) by Estela Landeros, Peace and Justice Task Force Chair at Rotary Club of The Hague Metropolitan, provides a Q&A response to such questions as:

  • What types of modern slavery are prevalent in the Netherlands?
  • What projects are Rotarians in the Netherlands doing to help survivors or prevent more victims locally?
  • What projects are Rotarians in the Netherlands supporting in other countries?
  • How is modern slavery/human trafficking changing during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what solutions are you seeing

In his article MODERN SLAVERY: KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, Malcolm Baird, RAGAS Director tells us why he passionately feels that Rotary International, Rotarians and Rotaractors could take a leading role in tackling this Global humanitarian issue by Promoting Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Education for adolescents, preferably in schools, helping to achieve UN goal 8.7.

Videos to watch and learn: This short video, “Supermaarko,” by IJM is based on true stories of child-victims. Viewer discretion advised (13.2k views, 4 mins 15 sec).  The Price of Free: The story of Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi’s journey to liberate every child from slavery. It follows Satyarthi and his team of activists around the world on secret raid and rescue missions as they hunt for missing children and work to reunite them with their families (7.1m views – 1 hour 27 Mins) 


Local Newsletter are also published by some of our Members. View them by clicking on a link below …
District 9810 (Victoria, Australia) produces an End Slavery newsletter for Club Members. Editor Tony Stokes.