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53 January Religious leaders pledge an end to human trafficking. RAGAS at Santa Marta Conference n London. Projects are key to success. Resource library – new Powerpoint download.
54 January 2014 Global Savery Index. Feature – Basu Rai, child slavery campaigner. Indonesia bans child labour. Review of RAGAS. Project listing.
55 April Insight into the Walk Free movement. Child slavary in Nepal. Project updates and appeals.
56 June President Jimmy Carter hosts End HumanTrafficking Summit; PASS Calls for World anti-trafficking agency; Fund established to rebuild Maiti Nepal childrens centre in Kathmandu; New Board Members elected; A visit to the Bakhita Trafficking Centre in London; Update on the Schools4Freedom Project, Update on Board Members and Coordinators
57 July Indonesia to end child labour. 11 sentenced in UK. Inspired by Kofei Annan. Introducing 4 new RAGAS Coordinators..Be inspired by Matt Friedman’s Latest TEDX Talk. Appeal for Punarnawa Ashram project . Upcoming Board Member Marleina Broadhurst provides a perspective from Egypt and launches her project “Roses without a garden”. View Carol Metzker’s presentation on human trafficking and child slavery to Rotary E-Club of Silicon Valley. Be the first to see Child Reach International’s trailer for the film ‘SOLD’ due out on general release later this year
 58  August UN Goals target slavery. US Trafficking in Persons report updates country status.Bakhita House Trafficking Shelter, London. WalkFree’s petition on sex tourism in Kenya. Do you support Amnesty’s view to decriminalise buying / selling sex-views invited
59  October UN authenticates IS slave price list; Slavery in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan – support Walkfree’s petition; Update on Punarnawa Ashram and Kalimpong Projects; What you can do to help in the fight against slavery
 60  November Slavery in S Korea; Joining forces with WalkFree, Matt Friedman to tour US; Trafficking in East Portland, USA; Developing a Child Friendly Movement – Basu Rai; Bakhita House, London.

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